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Citizen Perspective: Is public broadband possible in San Francisco?

Is public broadband possible in SF? That was the question posed at The CivicMakers Salon on March 9th at Runway Incubator, where people from all over the Bay Area gathered to listen and discuss the shortcomings of high-speed broadband Internet not only in the surrounding Bay Area, but also most of California.[...]

Building a big tent for civic tech and a 21st century democracy

The time is now to build a "big tent for democracy"–a strong, broad-yet-deep community of citizens of all stripes and vocations who are dedicated to democracy in the many contexts of our society. We are in the early stages of erecting the scaffolding for this tent, a platform to connect “democracy practitioners” who need solutions and implementation guidance for their projects with “civic tech developers” who are looking for users and clients for their products. Sound cool? We think so, but we want to hear from you.[...]

CivicMakers Salon 3/10: Is public broadband possible in San Francisco?

Join us and Startup Policy Lab on Tuesday, March 10th for a conversation about connectivity and democracy. We’ll hear from city officials on a newly released connectivity plan and next steps, as well as the successful public broadband effort in San Leandro.[...]

Thoughts On A Successful CityCampSF

On Saturday, January 10th, more than 200 bright, shiny citizens showed up at the Code for America headquarters to share, listen and take action for a better San Francisco. In this alone, CityCampSF 2015 produced by CivicMakers was an unqualified success. But more so, as one of the event organizers, I was struck by the beauty of what emerges when a group of passionate people come together to talk about what is most important to them.[...]

Building Community for Better Cities at CityCampSF

What happens when you gather local officials, city staff, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, journalists and citizens in a room for one day, and ask for their best ideas to improve their communities? You get CityCamp - a lot of excitement, a little chaos, plenty of solutions, and a whole lot of action.[...]

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